Q: What age range is Fun Shack Stockton Suitable for?

Fun Shack Stockton is designed for children aged 0 to 14. Children aged 0-4 have their own separated activity area in the centre.

Q: Is there parking available?

We have 100 parking spaces available on our premises, including disabled parking. However during busy periods if our car park reaches capacity customers can park on the main road located between out site and the Dove superstore.

Q: When are your busy and quieter periods?

Our quieter periods are Monday-Friday during term time. Our busiest periods are weekends and school holidays. During these times we are usually extremely busy from 12:00pm until 3:30pm. So coming earlier in the day or later in the afternoon will help avoid visiting during our peak periods. ‘We strongly recommend you book your session online on our website before your visit to avoid disappointment – as we often sell out of spaces in advance.

Q: What should my children wear on the equipment?

We recommend children wear clothing that covers their arms and legs. It is mandatory that kids remove all shoes before entering the activity area and for hygiene reasons it is required that socks must be worn at all times. We also suggest that children should remove all jewelry, badges and other sharp objects when playing in the centre.

Q: Can my children get out of the centre unattended? Are they Safe?

Entry and exit from Fun Shack Stockton is via 2 electronic gates. These gates are monitored and controlled by our reception staff at all times. However please remember that you are expected to monitor your children whilst at the Fun Shack.

Q: What time is the last admission?

Please see our booking system to see what the last admission time slot is for the day you are looking to visit’.

Q: How long can we stay?

The Fun Shack admission price is for an hour and a half stay in the centre. When it is time for your visit to be over we will call you out by the colored shoe bags you were given when entering the centre.

Q: Why are weekends and holidays more expensive?

The weekend and School holiday prices are our normal entry rates. We reduce these prices during quieter periods (i.e. Monday-Friday during term time) to encourage families to visit.

Q: Can I take photos and/or videos of my children while in the centre?

We have no issues with you taking photos/videos of your own children during your visit. However, we ask that you be considerate of other customers children and their privacy and to not take pictures with other children that are not your own.

Q: Are there any additional costs?

The admission price includes use of all the facilities in the centre. The only activities that are an additional cost in our Stockton centre are the Go-Karts and Bumper Buggies that are £1 and £2 respectively a ride.

Q: Do you have disabled parking & facilities available?

We have disabled parking spaces located at the front of our building. We also have disabled toilet facilities on the premises.

Q: Can we bring our own food & drink?

We regret that food and drink purchased elsewhere may not be consumed on the Fun Shack premises. The only exception to this is baby food. This policy is necessary for us to comply with our liability insurance and to ensure we adhere to local health and safety regulations.

Q: Why can’t we leave our children unattended?

All Children in the centre are the responsibility of the parents/guardian at all times whilst on the premises. We therefore cannot allow you to leave the building without the children you have visited with, unless there remains another parent/ guardian on the premises with them. This is for the safety and security of your children.

Q: Why Do Adults have to pay?

We charge a nominal fee of £2 for adults. This is because we offer certain facilities for adults as well as children in our Newcastle centre, for example the cannonball cove (air cannon shooting arena).

While we aim to create a fun and welcoming environment for the whole family, we are also a business and need to cover the costs of running one of the largest adventure parks in the region. Because of the enormous size of Fun Shack the cost of staffing, utilities (gas, electric etc.) and rent, is also far higher than that of other indoor adventure parks in the area.

We believe that your £2 adult entry charge offers good value for quality time spent with your children, especially when compared to other indoor activities such as a trip to the cinema or bowling.